How to Set up a Blog in 5 Steps? (With pictures)

Previously, we have learnt about the basic anatomy of a blog.. If you haven’t, i recommend you to go through that post once. Here, in this tutorial, we are going to learn to set up your blog step by step. So, all you need to do is to give your 100% focus as this is going to be a bit long post….

When you are just getting to start a blog, it may be daunting or challenging to trigger your frustration. This has happened to majority of bloggers and i was one of them, when i was just getting started. Especially, if you are not tech savvy, it will create a lots of confusion. But, now you are here, just grab a cup of coffee and relax…

How to set up a Blog? (Probably, your first one)

There are various platforms which you can base your blog. Some are free and for some you need some investment. However, before going through the process, we need to have a basic understanding of some technicalities we need in this process.

Technical tools you need before setting up a blog.

  1. Domain Name :- This is the address of your blog which users need to type on the URL bar to access contents on your blog. It starts with http followed by www. is an example of a domain name.
  2. Hosting :- This is the foundation of your blog where all the contents you post or upload are stored securely.Its like the Store room for your contents. Although your domain name is, but the contents inside it is always stored on your hosting storage. In simpler terms, its like an online hard drive for all your digital properties.

Thats it. These two are the inevitable things we need to have on hand before launching a blog or a website.

Other things you need to have before launching a blog.

Blogging is not easy, and majority of bloggers do get burned out very quickly as it takes time for a blog to show positive effects.  Now, you have made your mind to start a blog, some basic miscellaneous things you need to be equipped are…

  • Niche (Topic) of your blog and contents to upload regularly :- Blogging is not a quick task. Its not like you will post something and you are done. You need regular updates, ideas and contents to feed your users. So, make your mind on which niche or topic are you going to create contents on a regular basis.
  • Your Market :- If you are thinking to create a professional or business blog, you need to analyze your market as well. If there is no demand of what you are going to serve with your knowledge, then definitely you are not going to start.
  • Patience and perseverance are the inevitable keys to kiss success in any field. Click To Tweet Patience and Perseverance:- You need to be equipped with both of these attributes as you will need them on some part of the process.
  • Hard work and discipline :- You need to work like a dog in the starting phase of your blogging career. And, when you schedule to post your content, you need to stick on that by any means.

Create your blog for free (Tutorial for

Here, we will use free platforms to set up a blog. Although there are lots of platforms,  we are going to use Blogger from Google in this tutorial (Tutorial on starting a blog on WordPress for Free) .You need to have a Google account (preferably your gmail account)  to setup a blog on this platform… So here we go,

Step #1 :- Go to

how to set up a blog

Step #2 :- Login with your password. (The same password you use to login to your gmail account)

Step #3:- You will be directed to the window as shown below, Click on the New Blog button.

starting a blog

Step #4 :- Now you need to choose a Title for your blog and address (domain name). You need to search for address which suits the theme of your blog. So, keep searching the one which best represents the contents on your blog. One thing you might have notices, in free platforms like blogger, your blog will always be on a subdomain like (you can’t remove that

set up a blog on blogger

Step #5 :- After you have selected the title for your blog and an address, all you need to do is to Create a new post as shown in the snap below.

start a blog for free

Thats it. You have just set up a blog for free on blogger.. And i guess, it wont take more than 10 minutes of your time. Next time, when you need to post another article on your newly created blog, all you need to do is to login with the same gmail account and other process are the same.

Disadvantages : Setting up a blog on free platforms like blogger

Well, when you are just starting out, its always recommended to start something with free platforms to learn and gain experience as a blogger. But, there are some demerits of setting up a blog on free platforms as well.

  • Although, you don’t need hosting account to set up a blog here, but you have less control over your contents and properties.
  • Your blog can have negative effect when these companies change their terms of service or policies.
  • It is very challenging to establish and evolve as a brand when you are hosting your blog on these platforms.
  • Your domain name will always be regarded as a subdomain.
  • Users give more preferences and click through to self hosted blogs (like rather than free hosted blogs (like,
  • If in case, you broke any policies, your blog can be permanently banned and all the contents you uploaded will be deleted without prior notice.

So, how much this tutorial helped you on setting up your blog.  We are eager to hear on comments. We do have a lot of other methods to come in future… Happy blogging!!

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