How to start a WordPress blog in 9 easy steps? (With Pictures)

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On our previous post, we have discussed about setting up a blog on blogger platform. Today, you will learn how to start a blog on (Remember, this is a free platform as like blogger where you do not need any hosting packages). As mentioned earlier, here you will have less control over your contents but, WordPress is also a great platform to wet your hands especially when you are just starting out. So, here we go….

Steps on Starting a WordPress blog for free

Step #1:- Head on to Official website of WordPress at

how to start a wordpress blog

Step #2:- The next thing for you is to choose any niche or topic you are passionate about and are willing to create content on for a long time to come. There are sub-topics within the topics so that you can specify your personal favorite.

start a blog on wordpress for free

Step #3:- Here, you need to figure out how you would like your homepage look. Either you can have a list of your recent posts or display them on grid or even you can create a static homepage welcoming your visitors.

starting a blog using wordpress

Step #4:- In this step, you are given with various themes. Pick one which best resonates with your niche/topic. Themes are important to create first impression to your visitors before they consume any contents of your blog. So, choose the theme responsibly.


Step #5:- Here, you will be given to choose a domain name of your choice. As like picking up theme, choose a domain name which best suits your topic. Like if you are creating a blog for nutrition, you probably are not going to choose domain related to sports. And, here also your domain will be a wordpress subdomain as you are choosing a free plan.  Like, instead of

starting a wordpress blog

Step #6:- Choose a Free Plan and Click on Select Free.

create a wordpress blog

Step #7:- Here, you need to put your email address ( can be of outlook, gmail or yahoo ). This email is required as WordPress will send a confirmation email as well as in recovery process if in case, you forget your login on wordpress

Step #8:- Thats it. Now you will see a window as shown in below screenshot. All you need to do is to click on Continue button.


Step #9:- Now, you are good to go. The next window will be of your WordPress dashboard where you can add, edit , delete posts, pages and personalize themes etc.

wordpress dashboard

Dashboard is like the control room where you can manage your contents. Use the same username you created or the email address you used to register and the same password to login to your dashboard.

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How much helpful this tutorial is for you to start your blog? Pour your thoughts on comments and feel free to ask if you got any problem with these steps…Happy Blogging!!

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